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Minimum ad views to earn from referrals - Wordlinx

It looks like Wordlinx wants to increase member activity and for that reason introduces minimum required ads to be viewed before members can earn from referrals.

Unlike other ptc sites with similar requirements, at Wordlinx you only need to show some activity once per week and not every single day like at for example Neobux.

You can read the whole announcement here:


Linkgrand going down?

Just got this weird email in my inbox from LinkGrand admin:

Dropping the advertising prices back down didn't help. Offering the quick link option at even lower rates didn't help. I'm lost for words at the moment. ??? ..... So please, tell me why you no longer use LinkGrand advertising. In all sincerity, I would like to know so that I can improve on the problem. 

Garrett Rowland

Well, I'm not sure if it's going down even if it's very possible but it's clear that PTC sites are not earning as much as before and struggle to survive.


Payza on Wodlinx no more

Are you wondering why you can't buy anything from Wordlinx using Payza funds?

It's very simple, Payza have withdrawn their services for all UK-based users. I'm guessing that Wordlinx didn't have time to remove all of the Payza buy buttons on every page yet and that's why we still see them.

Well, this makes me worry about Payzas future. I haven't been able to withdraw my funds in a very long time now and less and less sites are letting users use Payza as the payment alternative.